Saturday, March 7, 2015

Celebrating WO(HU)MAN's Day

Blur the divide

I can never understand the source of woman and man divide
Though we are trying to bridge this gap, it’s growing wide

I am a woman because of my Father's X chromosome,
Was raised in an equal, loving and caring home

My Mother carried me for nine months before birth
Still I am a product of long years of both their hard work

My father envisioned the women he would like me to be
My mother nurtured his dream by developing and shaping me

Without my brothers I would have been incomplete
We fraught, argued, criticized but are always together in need

Both my grandfathers have a strong influence on me
One helped shape my intellect and the other my spirituality

My grandmothers were epitomes of wisdom and simplicity
Though their times were difficult they had a lot of gravity

I am married to a man who has allowed ME to BE ME
Mutual respect, space, unconditional love is the recipe

My sons make me a mother, bring out another aspect of me
Shaping young boys into balanced men is my responsibility

My Guru, Mentors, Bosses, and colleagues friends and family
Men have been an integral part and have contributed extensively

Throughout women have been instrumental in enriching life's journey
So where do I draw a line that separates the SHE from the HE

We are so interwoven and complementary that I fail to see us separately
We are both strong and weak; we have the freedom to agree to disagree

Challenge is changing the conditioning of "how women should be"
Women are not objects let them be who and what they want to be

Only when we end the division and discrimination of all types and form
We will together celebrate HUMAN's DAY and the world will transform

Let's celebrate this women's day giving both genders their well deserved due
We were born different but equal in rights and duties this is my point of view

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